She tall, she tall y'all

So...if you followed my other blog, you already know I'm of the shorter variety.

I'm not emmanuel lewis short, but I'm short enough for you to grimace at the actual number. Because let's face it, most of you are height whores. Yea...i said it. Hoes 4 height. .that most of y'all don't have your damn self. Yes..tiny tots who want to date men 6'2 or taller but can't reach the handle on the toliet your damn self...I'm talking about y'all. This post ain't for y'all. Y'all got about as much right being choosey about height as you do being choosey about head don't need either so it shouldn't matter.  See how i turned it around on you? I know..ha ha little short nigga. I know I'm short, i also know it's socially unacceptable for me to be so...but why? Because of all of y'all...yea I'm pointing through this computer screen.

Ought to be a damn shame of yourselves! You're not though, it's cool y'all still be looking when I'm standing on my wallet. The great equalizer wealth & being a nice guy....but mostly the wealth part. But onto my tall, long legged's the air up there? Y'all the one's I'm talking to. Y'all ain't fans either, but y'all got more reasons. Y'all not like them height hoes. Some of y'all even be like "fuck it, I'm taller than a lot of guys why do i even care". I love you "fuck it" ladies #youthebest ...

This is for all of the rest of y'all....the one's who say they'd date a broke dude before they date a short dude. Most of y'all's that working out by the way? See the thing that most of you forget is you can't negate height. Yea, people say eat your veggies...but c'mon. Height is genetic, but 1 out of 4 might not be immuned. My uncles on both side are 6ft+, my aunts on both side all over 5'7, got tons of tall cousins, but i also got short ones. See my parents were both respectively the shortest in their families. But i had a chance....i just ain't make it. Tallness was not on my side. So since middle school, I've known that i wasn't going to be tallest dude around. I've come to terms with it, I went to an all male hbcu....I've heard all the jokes imaginable and I'm good.

So now y'all see Kevin short soul brother although we kinda got in that sofa stomping match in the club that one time...a kindred spirit, with a beautiful new wife. One that happens to make him look about a foot shorter than her although she clearly wear heels often. It don't matter, y'all talk shit & say how you couldn't do it. If you can't do it, don't do it and move on. Stop making it a point to short shame dudes & the women who love them. The height difference between me and my girl is about the same as with Kevin & his wife. And although I'm used to it and I'm girl sometimes feels self conscious. Not because the difference is apparent when it's just us..but because so many of y'all stare or have something to say.

Being short isn't a choice, but being with someone who, so let people choose who they want to be with. Short guys need love too! Let a short dude show you where he packs his height...some of y'all already know. -genius



  1. I see where you're going with this, I admit I'm guilty of short shaming men. I'm 5'7 and it's hard viewing guys shorter than me seriously . There's just something about being able to look up at a guy that makes me feel safe and protected. It doesn't sound fair and it's not a slight at you, it's just how it is for me and a lot of women. I'm so glad you're back, missed your post!

  2. I feel you...but imagine that in reverse. Sure there are a lot of tall guys out there that might make 5'7 seem short..but there are plenty of guys that see that as too tall for a woman. Trust me i know plently of guys over 6ft that try to monopolize the 5'5 and under crew. My point isn't to convert, i didn't say date shorter guys. I just simply said leave women who do alone, stop participating in the "i don't see how you do it" peanut gallery. I can't help being short, like i can't help being black. Is it ok to be discriminated against because of either of these things? View it that way instead of as a preference and maybe you'd see how ridiculous it seems. I appreciate your comment and you checking out my blog.

    1. Yo, a height hoe tho 😂😂😂. I'm 5'2 and love em tall!! Tall and thick ums.... like "the rock" thick, like rick ross post weight loss thicc 😍...So send em my way lol... I completely understand your point though. But, Folks always talking about what they couldn't and wont do when it comes to dating until they find themselves falling for someone they really vibe with.

    2. "Height hoes" are real...Usually people say what their preference is as if it isn't a "want list". It's not what most people use or have while dating just what they'd prefer. What messes them up is they pretend that it's a requirement and it's not.


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