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Use my heart

When I first met you, I could not take my eyes off of you. Even when it felt like I was not looking, I was looking. I was staring, I was mesmerized, I was captured by your soul...  It's not normal to say I love you, when you first see someone's face...but that was my first, second, eighteenth thought as I tried to look away. I tried to stop my lips from betraying me and letting the words slip out. I tried to deny the feeling my heart seemed to recognize instantly. I have been on a journey to find, conquer, and keep love. The idea that it was possible has been proven too many times to be a fairytale. I have been so close, I have given so much, and as soon as I think I've finally found slips through my fingertips. I watch as it spirals wildly, violently, and unknowingly further away from me. 
I watch it in dismay, trying any and everything I can to save it, catch it, revive it once it reaches the bottom. I try to gather the pieces, try to fix, mend, replace what'…

She tall, she tall y'all


Manfive #100

Manfive #100
I'm going to keep it 💯 ladies. . .

We're living in a different world.. this isn't the days of dwayne chasing denise. Or dwayne chasing whitley. These days it's you ladies chasing these guys. And the problem with that is, it's making them think that's how it goes. Now, I've had a few ladies in my days chase me down. Let me start by saying...thee worst relationships of my life have come from these. Maybe there is a reason men are supposed to be the pursuers. There should have been a warning sign over each of their heads...."caution she likes you, got to be something wrong"...but I'll save my nightmares for another time. This shit ain't about me, it's about y'all.

This week's topic: "5 reasons he will never be your man"

Take a deep breath, now hold it. You holding it? Good, now die...cause that's how long you'll be holding it if you're waiting for him to be your man. What's wrong with you la…

Genius back...

Guess who's back motherfuckers

I'm sorry I've stayed gone so long, life has been on 1000%. I decided to start a new blog page..the old one is still up though. I'm still a hopeless romantic, still the infamous nobody, still tha unpretentious narcissist, I'm still that guy....I'm just ready for a new chapter of my life.

So what should you expect? Some 'ol love shit. Some 'ol foolish shit. Some 'ol ranting type shit. Some 'ol y'all don't think I'm really real shit. I'm back and i promise not to stay gone as long this time.

Manfive....this friday. Wait for it.