Come get these....L's

You, you got what I need but you say he's just a friend
And you say he's just a friend, oh baby
You, you got what I need but you say he's just a friend
But you say he's just a friend, oh baby
You, you got what I need but you say he's just a friend
But you say he's just a friend. -Biz Markie

So, i mentioned this topic on twitter weeks ago, here's my latest reply:

Ok...let's go. Backstory time:
So, i've had great friendships with women. Strictly platonic friendships with women who have been a great support to me and i'll always love and appreciate them for it. But as soon as I get into a relationship my girlfriend will seek and try to destroy those friendships. This isn't a one time thing, isn't a one girlfriend thing, isn't even the same female friend thing.
It's every girlfriend, every time.
explain that, sherlock.  Explain to me how I can have a female bestfriend that my girl knew about before we were together. My girl knows I talk t…


It's hard to grasp how people love, when you've never experienced love yourself. I was talking to the current holder of my heart, and she shared something interesting with me. Her troll friend, who lacks any geniune connections to anyone or anything told her, "he loves everyone he dates. He has loved everyone the same, you're no different.."

Now, we both know she's a troll. A very lonely, pathetic, and rude shell of a woman who's #mcm would walk past her on the street, but she'd still let him hit after he left his girlfriend's house later that day. Just so yanno know the kind of person we're dealing with. So what she said didn't bother me, because trolls gonna troll..right?

What did however bother me was the thought that maybe someone else might read my hopless romantic way of life as a non-specific love party. Is there a love limit? Am I only allowed to love 1 or 2 women my entire life? Cause I'd have to have tapped out with my mom &a…

Live your dreams...

I was talking to a young dude today, trying his best to "make it" in the industry. He started telling me how his family didn't support his dreams. How his girl doesn't "see" a future in him. How hard it's been to make it to where he's at and how disappointing it is that he hasn't gotten further. He then ask me the question I get the most often,
"how did you make it?"
I sometimes talk to high school students, I've been on music industry panels, and this is one of the most asked questions at parties and by strangers. I told him like I tell anyone, a dream is just a dream until you fulfill it. Meaning, you can't bank on a dream. You can't give up tangible things like paying bills, eating, being able to take care of yourself/family for a dream. It is ideal to live the life you've always wanted, always dreamed of, and have put your heart and soul into. I'm not saying give up your dreams, I'm saying realize until it…

The message..

I scribbled a message on my heart and whispered it to God, just in case he couldn't read my handwriting. I knew he received it because I couldn't stop the smile from creeping up on my face. I asked him the bless it, protect it, and keep it from ever being erased.

I asked him to promise me, and when i looked into your eyes I saw the life I'd always dreamed of. Every blink was a flash of forever and I couldn't wait to see more. I don't ever want to stop looking into your eyes.

I then asked God to show me that this is what i truly wanted, and then you smiled. Your smile spoke to my soul, like sign language. Every movement, lip curl, tongue over the groove of your teeth sent a tremble to my soul, like thunder. Some may be afraid, but i embrace it like lightening and allow it to play a beautiful melody. I want both the earth shaking and electrifying moments.

I finally stop pretending God didn't already know my heart. I stopped pretending that i had any control over …

Use my heart

When I first met you, I could not take my eyes off of you. Even when it felt like I was not looking, I was looking. I was staring, I was mesmerized, I was captured by your soul...  It's not normal to say I love you, when you first see someone's face...but that was my first, second, eighteenth thought as I tried to look away. I tried to stop my lips from betraying me and letting the words slip out. I tried to deny the feeling my heart seemed to recognize instantly. I have been on a journey to find, conquer, and keep love. The idea that it was possible has been proven too many times to be a fairytale. I have been so close, I have given so much, and as soon as I think I've finally found slips through my fingertips. I watch as it spirals wildly, violently, and unknowingly further away from me. 
I watch it in dismay, trying any and everything I can to save it, catch it, revive it once it reaches the bottom. I try to gather the pieces, try to fix, mend, replace what'…

She tall, she tall y'all


Manfive #100

Manfive #100
I'm going to keep it 💯 ladies. . .

We're living in a different world.. this isn't the days of dwayne chasing denise. Or dwayne chasing whitley. These days it's you ladies chasing these guys. And the problem with that is, it's making them think that's how it goes. Now, I've had a few ladies in my days chase me down. Let me start by saying...thee worst relationships of my life have come from these. Maybe there is a reason men are supposed to be the pursuers. There should have been a warning sign over each of their heads...."caution she likes you, got to be something wrong"...but I'll save my nightmares for another time. This shit ain't about me, it's about y'all.

This week's topic: "5 reasons he will never be your man"

Take a deep breath, now hold it. You holding it? Good, now die...cause that's how long you'll be holding it if you're waiting for him to be your man. What's wrong with you la…