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It's hard to grasp how people love, when you've never experienced love yourself. I was talking to the current holder of my heart, and she shared something interesting with me. Her troll friend, who lacks any geniune connections to anyone or anything told her, "he loves everyone he dates. He has loved everyone the same, you're no different.."

Now, we both know she's a troll. A very lonely, pathetic, and rude shell of a woman who's #mcm would walk past her on the street, but she'd still let him hit after he left his girlfriend's house later that day. Just so yanno know the kind of person we're dealing with. So what she said didn't bother me, because trolls gonna troll..right?

What did however bother me was the thought that maybe someone else might read my hopless romantic way of life as a non-specific love party. Is there a love limit? Am I only allowed to love 1 or 2 women my entire life? Cause I'd have to have tapped out with my mom &a…