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Use my heart

When I first met you, I could not take my eyes off of you. Even when it felt like I was not looking, I was looking. I was staring, I was mesmerized, I was captured by your soul...  It's not normal to say I love you, when you first see someone's face...but that was my first, second, eighteenth thought as I tried to look away. I tried to stop my lips from betraying me and letting the words slip out. I tried to deny the feeling my heart seemed to recognize instantly. I have been on a journey to find, conquer, and keep love. The idea that it was possible has been proven too many times to be a fairytale. I have been so close, I have given so much, and as soon as I think I've finally found slips through my fingertips. I watch as it spirals wildly, violently, and unknowingly further away from me. 
I watch it in dismay, trying any and everything I can to save it, catch it, revive it once it reaches the bottom. I try to gather the pieces, try to fix, mend, replace what'…