Manfive #100

Manfive #100

I'm going to keep it 💯 ladies. . .

We're living in a different world.. this isn't the days of dwayne chasing denise. Or dwayne chasing whitley. These days it's you ladies chasing these guys. And the problem with that is, it's making them think that's how it goes. Now, I've had a few ladies in my days chase me down. Let me start by saying...thee worst relationships of my life have come from these. Maybe there is a reason men are supposed to be the pursuers. There should have been a warning sign over each of their heads...."caution she likes you, got to be something wrong"...but I'll save my nightmares for another time. This shit ain't about me, it's about y'all.

This week's topic: "5 reasons he will never be your man"

Take a deep breath, now hold it. You holding it? Good, now die...cause that's how long you'll be holding it if you're waiting for him to be your man. What's wrong with you ladies? There's a new trend going around, women being girlfriends to their best male friend that isn't trying to be with them. You all have friends who tell you about a guy everyday that she deals with that you know ain't her man but she talks about him like he is. Y'all be cool till she start complaining about him, then the first thought on your mind is..."but he ain't your man"...send that confused harlot over here i got something for her.

#5: friendzone like a muthafucker

Ever heard of the friendzone ladies? Don't lie, y'all invented it, you heartless jaggawolves. The problem with the friendzone is y'all know how to put guys in it, but you don't realize when you're in it.

Female friendzone: "my bestfriend don't know he's my boyfriend".

I mean it isn't your fault, guys don't discriminate like y'all do. Sex can happen in the female version of friendzone even if he's not into you. See you women like male attention and even if you enjoy doing everything else with a guy if you aren't feeling him like that, he ain't getting no sugarsnacks. But men don't work like this. A woman he can fart around, talk to about his other women, ask for favors, and is cool like his homies...and you can fuck? Goldmine. Y'all consider this a relationship most guys consider this a situation. You're commonly referred to the homies as "that situation i was talking about". Let me inform you of a key man fact...if a guy talks to you about other girls, he ain't trying to be with you. Understand that's man like a girl, you don't say shit about another one to her. If this guy is talking to you about chicks he's smashing, he's looking at you like stevie wonder looks at his clothes. He doesn't.

#4: miscommunication

Does he know he's supposed to be your man? Like i said at the beginning guys today's don't court women anymore. I know half of you don't know what court means..."to date with the intention of marrying" so the expectations of dating a woman with any intention other than to hulk smash is quite limited until he actually wants more. So a lot of guys don't understand the rules of dating anymore. You ladies don't help it out because your expectations have been lowered so much that emmanuel lewis could high jump over them.

Point being, if you keep saying he's your friend maybe you are defining your status with him. If you make him feel like "friendship" consist of you attending to his needs, why would he think otherwise. I have female friends and while they are wonderfully amazing people...they aren't gonna do my laundry, take my goddaughter to ballet, or give me their sugarsnacks. There is line between being friends and being more. Where you draw it determines where you stand with a lot of people. Not telling you to withhold things you want to do or give, but you should make sure he realizes that these things you're doing means you're more than just friends. A closed mouth, stays friends.

#3: fuckboy alert

#1 problem you ladies invite into your life. I know you're saying, you ain't invite his ass. But you did...i could go on a million rants, but I'll just fucked up. You went and got emotionally attached to an ain't shit dude and now you're crying, stressing, and worried about a dude who ain't worried about you. And you think he's going to change? Fuck boy's don't change. They aren't gonna love you, appreciate you, or acknowledge the things you do. They're immature and are just what their name implies, boys.

Don't let someone who doesn't see your worth waste your time.

#2: you're the side bae

Why are you looking shocked? You already know why this dude can't be your man. You know about his girl, you're on her instagram page everyday. You can post all the suggestive #mcm post you want, he ain't your man. You can laugh and say his girl stupid because he was with you last night. But what about tonight? You settled for being #2, and steady trying to be upgraded. Side baes don't get upgraded they get sloppy seconds & a man who will do the same shit to you. So get yourself together, put yourself first and be someone's #1...stop getting stuck on 2nd.

#1: you're not the "1"

Trust me, a man doesn't change until he has a reason, and you're not the reason. You're not the one...for him at least. The one doesn't have to deal with all the bullshit. She doesn't have to deal with sloppy seconds, thirds, or fourths. She gets all of the things you've been waiting, praying, & begging for because he wants to be with her. If he wanted to be with you, you wouldn't be wondering why he won't commit.

A man will let you know he wants to be with you. He will let you know you're different than the rest. It's not what he says, it's what he does. It's not that you aren't worth it, you are. Everyone deserves a loving healthy relationship, this just ain't the one for you. So stop forcing it, you're trying to convince someone who has already showed you that you're wasting your time. You've invested your time and energy into him and you love him..ok. but love yourself more. Pick up the peices, rebuild, and go find someone else. Stop letting this guy distract you from the man you're supposed to be with. He's not it. -genius


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